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M-1 Features

4 External retention screws with spacers let you use the same holster for a wide variety of handguns. This configuration also lets you set the friction retention that best suits your liking. For more friction retention, simply tighten the screws. For less friction retention, to protect your gun finish, and/or to accommodate wider width handguns, simply loosen the screws or, replace the installed ¼ inch screw posts with the provided ½ inch screw posts and install the additional rubber spacers.
To account for the different trigger guard dimensions seen on various handguns, Concho Valley Tactical Supply (CVT) has designed and manufactured in house the steel reinforced internal retention device. Simply loosen the two internal retention device mounting screws on the back of the holster and slide the internal retention device up or down to accommodate the handgun of your choice.

When a level two retention system is desired, the M-1 holster is compatible with a retention strap sold separately. Instructions for mounting the retention strap to the holster are provided with the strap.

The M-1 holster is also ambidextrous compatible. To switch from a right-hand draw configuration to a left-hand draw configuration or vice versa, simply unscrew the internal retention device from the back side of the holster, unscrew the two internal retention device mounting bracket screws, flip the device around, and reassemble using the opposite internal retention device slot. It’s that easy!

Finally, a holster that doesn’t dig into your side! With the unique belt loop design, you get three inches of ride-height adjustability to provide a comfortable open carry solution all day long. Configured to ride low on the belt, the M-1 also permits fast access by staying close to your natural hand position.

The list of features continues with interchangeable holster covers. Choosing to open carry? Be bold and carry one of our spiritual or patriotic covers or swap out your bold cover piece for a stick and leaf or kryptek camo pattern. Choose from hundreds of different designs!

The M-1 holster is constructed using durable .06, .08, and/or .09 inch KYDEX®. Unlike leather holsters which retain moisture and can lead to pitting or premature erosion of gun finish on the surface of your handgun, KYDEX® does not retain the same moisture and can be maintained with a mild soap and water if necessary.

CVT uses 8-9 oz. cowhide leather for strength, flexibility, and comfort. Normal leather maintenance and care procedures should be followed to maximize the life of the leather.

Ultimately, it’s the adjustable internal retention device working in concert with the four cover mounting screws and rubber spacers that make this holster what it is, a single holster compatible with a wide variety of handguns.