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Frequently Asked Questions

General Questions
What is your current lead time?

Our current lead time is one to two weeks. This means that orders will take usually between one to two weeks before they are shipped. All CVT holsters are handcrafted with quality taking precedence over quantity. If you would like to check the status of an order just send us a message via the Contact page. We value your business and are happy to provide real-time status updates.

How do I know which model will fit my gun?

 If you see your model available in the dropdown box with the selected product, it fits. If you don't see your model listed, it is likely a custom order. Contact us via the Contact page and we'd be happy to assist.

What are your holsters made out of?

While some of the description titles for the graphics may include identifiers such as denim, carbon fiber, scratched metal, etc. you can rest easy knowing these are just description titles. We use made in the USA Kydex® or Holstex®. 

What's a sweat guard/body shield?

The sweat guard/body shield is the upper most portion of the holster as it is worn. The full sweat guard/body shield covers the whole rear slide of the firearm to keep the skin, sweat, garments, etc. off of the slide of the firearm. Below are examples showing the M5 Tuckable with none, half, and a full sweat guard/body shield.


M5 With no sweat guard/body shield 



Will the holster wear the finish on my gun?

No more than any other holster material. It's likely to wear the finish less than leather or nylon would. As with all holsters, it depends on how it's used. In many ways KYDEX® or Holstex® is the superior choice material to use for gun holsters. KYDEX® and Holstex® give you a tactical advantage by allowing you to manipulate the slide of your firearm one handed. They can also be wiped out very easily to prevent dirt, dust, and sand accumulation which can have a sandpaper effect on the gun's finish. Let us know if you're super concerned about the finish we'd be happy to answer any questions you may have.

How do your multi fit holsters work with so many different models of firearms?

At Concho Valley Tactical we've created a device that serves as an internal trigger guard stop for a holstered firearm. In addition, the internal trigger guard stop forces the barrel of the firearm against the front spine of the holster as the firearm is inserted into the holster to prevent unnecessary wobbling of the gun within the holster. Ultimately, it’s the adjustable trigger guard stop working in concert with the cover mounting screws and rubber spacers that make the M-1, M-2 and Shellback holster compatible with such a wide variety of handguns.

How do you make your holsters?

Our holsters start out as flat sheets of thermoplastics made in the USA. Each piece is handcrafted and made to order using a combination of heat, pressure, and surgical precision.

How do I place an order?
  1. Decide which holster model you wish to purchase from the Products page and click on it.

  2. Select your options from the dropdown boxes.

  3. Click +. Click Add.

  4. Add any other items such as spare belt loops, conversion loops, clips, swag, etc.

  5. Checkout.
How do you keep my transactions and personal information secure?

We use Pay Pal to process on-line transactions.

How will my order be shipped?

All orders ship via USPS Priority Mail. Most items are delivered in two to three days.

What if something breaks?

We extend a Lifetime Guarantee with each and every holster we sell. It doesn't matter if your the original buyer or not. No questions asked. If anything on your holster breaks contact us and let us know so we can get you fixed up right. 


Do you offer rush ordering?

Rush orders may be done on a case by case basis.