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M-8 Recon Holster Light Bearing

M-8 Recon Holster Light Bearing 1

M-8 Recon Holster Light Bearing


  • Concealed carry outside-the-waistband solution
  • Perfect fit achieved by testing with real firearms
  • Zero bulk
  • Super lightweight holster
  • .080" Kydex® / Holstex® holds up very well to the elements
  • Runs silent without creaking or cracking heard from leather or nylon holsters 
  • Does not collapse and wear out like leather or nylon 
  • Compatible with one hand slide manipulations
  • 90/10 Split with wrap around curvature for greater comfort
  • Speed ease clips pull the grip of the firearm in tight to the body
  • Don't have to undo belt to thread it through the holster, saving valuable time
  • Inside-the-waistband compatible with soft loops or Ulticlip3® installed
  • Ride height and cant adjustable for forward cant
  • Hand sanded/polished edges for a high quality professional finished look and feel
  • Lifetime Guarantee
  • 100% Made in the U.S.A.

Conceal carry outside the waistband? We've got you covered. The Recon was designed for exactly that. With its curved design, this holster wraps around and rides snug up against the body so it can be easily concealed with as little as a t-shirt. The Recon is built to pull the grip of the firearm inward against the body to aid with concealment. 

Add a pair of the rubberized nylon belt loops with snaps or UltiClip3®s before you checkout and this modular holster can be used for inside the waistband carry. 

The Recon comes with Belt Speed Clips which are made from a nylon blend for flexibility and toughness. It's secured using the reversed belt catches design. Speed clip sizes can be ordered for 1.5" or 1.75" belts.

The Recon is molded using durable, ultra-slim non-collapsible .08 inch KYDEX® or Holstex®. That's less than a tenth of an inch in added bulk wrapped around your gun yet it is very strong and holds up very well over time. It is also super lightweight.  

Fit and finish procedures used to make the M-8 Recon holster are done using real firearms. Using real firearms ensures the fit is not too tight and also ensures the gun does not rattle around inside the holster. This guarantees a smooth draw and a perfect fit right out of the box. 

Pick one up today and sense victory.

Care & Maintenance

Do not expose your holster to temperatures above 150 degrees fahrenheit. Most of the time just a quick wipe to remove dirt and dust is all that is needed for maintenance. Kydex® can be cleaned using a mild soap and water if necessary. You might check the screws from time to time to make sure nothing gets loose. Use a medium strength thread locker between making adjustments to the holster hardware if required. Use caution to not cross thread and strip the threads. 


We extend a lifetime warranty with each and every holster we sell. No matter if you're the original buyer or not. No questions asked. If anything on your holster breaks contact us and let us know so we can get you fixed up right.

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