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M-6 Patriot Holster

M-6 Patriot Holster 1

M-6 Patriot Holster




The M-6 Patriot is a solution that provides the bare minimum. It's a hard non-collapsible shell that completely covers the trigger guard. What's unique about the Patriot holster is that it does not completely cover the barrel. By doing this you get the lightest and smallest possible configuration to safely carry your firearm. It rides outside the waistband OWB similar to the M-3 Amphib holster. 

The Patriot holster was designed to be as small and light as possible and still allow for comfortable outside the waistband carry with a wide, flexible, leather belt loop as shown. The black leather belt loop is made from sturdy 8-9 oz. leather and fits belts up to 2 inches wide.

Unlike the M-8 Recon holster which wraps around and rides snug up against the body, the Patriot allows the grip of the firearm to ride slightly further away from the body. The Patriot holster is molded using ultra rugged non-collapsible .08 inch Kydex® or Holstex®.

Pick one up today and sense victory.

Care & Maintenance

Do not expose your holster to temperatures above 150 degrees fahrenheit. Most of the time just a quick wipe to remove dirt and dust is all that is needed for maintenance. Kydex® can be cleaned using a mild soap and water if necessary. Normal leather maintenance care procedures should be followed to maximize the life of the leather. Check the screws from time to time to make sure nothing gets loose. Use a medium strength threadlocker between making adjustments to the holster hardware if required. Use caution to not cross thread and strip the threads. 


We extend a lifetime warranty with each and every holster we sell. No matter if you're the original buyer or not. No questions asked. If anything on your holster breaks contact us and let us know so we can get you fixed up right.


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